Collection: Prepared for Everyday Emergencies

What is Prepared(*)…

Prepared (*) exists to help you stay safe in emergencies and keep others safe, especially your family.

I run into too many dads who have a desire to protect their families but just don’t know how. And they’re often embarassed to ask other men for help.

I’m talking everything from Everyday Emergencies to full blown disasters.

Everyday Emergencies are things like broken bones, dealing with a car accident, or chasing off an unsafe dog.

Full disasters include events like tornadoes, wildfires, and active shooters.

Dads need to know how to deal with these things, seek help when needed, and stand tall as the calm in the chaos for their wives, their kids, and others to look to.

I teach Dads, Moms, and others how to be PREPARED!

If you are a dad who would…

Like to know more than you do

Wants to learn specific skills

Needs more confidence

Desires to be the rock that emergencies break themselves on

Then you need to get in touch.