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The Strangest Secret Challenge Guidebook PRINT Copy with BONUSES

The Strangest Secret Challenge Guidebook PRINT Copy with BONUSES

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This is a PRINT copy of The Strangest Secret Challenge Guidebook.

Your PRINT copy will arrive in a three-ring binder.

This SPECIAL EDITION not only contains the full Guidebook but also contains additional bonuses and challenge pages.

For more information on The Strangest Secret Challenge and access to the FREE video, go to

Paperback copies are available on Amazon at

Based on the best-selling work by Earl Nightingale.

In 1956 Earl Nightingale produced an audio recording that changed the world.
Inspired by the works of Napolean Hill, he challenged men and women to think positively, serve others, and make the world a better place. You’d be hard-pressed to find a successful person who wasn’t influenced in some way by The Strangest Secret.
Many people embark on a Strangest Secret Challenge of some kind, the most popular one being to listen to the recording at least once a day for 30 days.

But few finish it.

This 30-day challenge guide will help make that more possible.

Included on the challenge kit is:
Brief synopsis of Earl Nightingale’s life, including some facts you may not know
My own personal history with The Strangest Secret
A 30-day checklist for each day
60 days of journal prompts to enhance your journey and force you to think deeper
Resources for even more challenges and adventures

About the editor-
Dr. David Powers is an adventurer, philosopher, and pioneer and lives a life of constant experimentation. His life's compass is "to seek out adventure in everything he does by being intentional, determined, and unstoppable and by energizing and outfitting others to embark on their own adventures". He fulfills his purpose through speaking and books and is a best-selling author in psychology and education. He is a decorated veteran of the Marine Corps and a founding member of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. He is married and the proud father of four feral boys and one princess that he and his wife homeschool. His mission in life is to find the magical best mug of coffee in the world.

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